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Sustainable development through research in agroecosystems


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2019.09.27 | Agro

Danish students participate in an international competition

23-24 October, the European student competition BISC-E holds its first European final in Berlin. BISC-E, which is a competition in the field of bioeconomy, encourages students to take an interest in recycling of biological resources and development of bio-based products and processes. The Center for Circular Bioeconomy, which is part of Aarhus…

Wheat is one of the crops most threatened by drought and increase in temperature. Photo: Jens Bonderup Kjeldsen

2019.09.25 | Research

Climate change induced drought threatens the world's wheat production

In the coming years, a growing portion of the global wheat growing areas will be affected by drought and this will have serious consequences for the global food supply. It may lead to a significant reduction of the wheat harvest by the turn of the century. Even if global warming is limited to the 2 degrees as stipulated in the Paris Agreement of…

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2019.09.17 | People

Senior Scientist Gabor Lövei enters the Academy of Europe

Senior scientist Gabor Lövei is elected as a new member of the Academy of Europe, Academia Europaea in the field of organismic and evolutionary biology.

Lars J. Munkholm has been appointed professor of sustainable soil management. Photo: Bodil Pedersen

2019.09.09 | Agro

New professor of sustainable soil management at Aarhus University

Lars J. Munkholm has been appointed professor of sustainable soil management at the Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University.


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