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2017.06.22 | DCA, Agro, Anis, Food, DCA staff news

[Translate to English:] Årsberetning fra DCA er udkommet

[Translate to English:] DCA – Nationalt Center for Fødevarer og Jordbrugs årsberetning for 2016 er netop udkommet – og giver læserne et indblik i det arbejde, der ligger til grund for den forskningsbaserede myndighedsbetjening.

Nature is good at filtering nutrients from the soil before they proceed further into the aquatic environment. Photo: Janne Hansen

2017.06.02 | Agro, DCA, DCA Theme

Agriculture must use help from Mother Nature

Nature can give a helping hand to avoid nitrogen loss from agriculture to the aquatic environment. This was one of several important points at an international workshop regarding landscape filters organized by Aarhus University. 

The sod will soon be turned for the establishment of a new full scale mini-wetland with biofilter. Photo: Colourbox

2017.06.02 | Agro, DCA, DCA Theme

Development of mini-wetlands with biofilters enters new phase

New mini-wetlands with biofilters will be established in the course of the summer and autumn of 2017 with the aim of generating more knowledge and experience regarding this particular measure against nitrogen loss to the aquatic environment.

Several factors must be taken into consideration when calculating which landscape filter system has the best cost efficiency. Photo: Colourbox

2017.06.02 | Agro, DCA, DCA Theme

What does it cost to remove nitrogen from farmers’ fields?

Nitrogen from farmers’ fields must not end up in the aquatic environment but what is the most cost efficient offsite solution? This question was discussed at an international workshop organised by Aarhus University. 

It is important to include local stakeholders to ensure motivation for implementation of landscape scale measures. Photo: Janne Hansen

2017.05.31 | Agro, DCA, DCA Theme

Information is not enough – motivation is also necessary

Insight into farmer behavior, information about local conditions, research-based knowledge and appropriate policies must come together for successful implementation of conservation drainage and other landscape scale measures to reduce nutrient losses.

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