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Researchers from Aarhus University are investigating soil from widely different locations, including Greenland. Photo: Jesper Overgård Lehmann

2019.06.28 | Agro, Crops, DCA

Getting the full picture of the soil

Researchers will take a holistic approach in order to gain a deeper understanding of what drives soil resilience in a changing climate.

Nematodes can cause great harm to crops, such as this rootknot on the roots of a carrot. Photo: Mette Vestergård

2019.06.28 | Agro, Crops, DCA

Nematode protection mechanisms to be elucidated

Certain nematodes cause great damage to crops and can be difficult to control. An improved understanding of nematodes' modes of action can contribute to developing efficient methods of control.

Crops such as maize and barley can benefit from the legacy left in the soil by cover crops. Photo: Janne Hansen

2019.06.28 | Agro, Crops, DCA

The right cover crop mix is the right choice for the environment

Optimising the combination of cover crop species can help reduce agriculture’s impact on the environment by improving nitrogen use efficiency.

Beef consumption is responsible for 11 percent of the carbon footprint of our total diet including beverages. Photo: Colourbox

2019.06.27 | Agro, Food, DCA

To eat beef or not to eat beef?

Reducing your consumption of beef can be climate-friendly, but things are not that simple. Researchers are trying to nuance the climate debate by showing the full picture.

Legumes can improve soil nitrogen and carbon content. Photo: Colourbox

2019.06.26 | Agro, Crops, DCA

Researchers zoom in on the world of the root zone

There is a knowledge gap regarding the processes and mechanisms that control nitrogen and carbon build-up in the root zone of legumes. Researchers from Aarhus University are setting out to close that gap in a new project.

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