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PhD courses

The Department of Agroecology conducts several PhD courses each year. Several of the courses are with invited lecturers from international universities. The courses are very popular among students from all over the world and we always get positive evaluations.

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Other PhD courses and transferable skills courses

PhD courses and transferable skills courses offered by the Graduate School of Science and Technology.

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Job possibilities

Take a look at different job possibilities at the Career Service site.

Lunch seminars and defences

Once a week one of our PhD students gives a short presentation of their work. Everyone is welcome to join the seminar, but it is mandatory for PhD students. You can find an overview of seminars, qualifying exams and PhD defences for 2017.




Rules and guidelines

An overview over the different rules and guidelines (e.g. timeline, building up a PhD plan, half year evaluation and other issues) in connection with your PhD study at the Department of Agroecology can be found here.

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PhD students

The Department of Agroecology has around 60 PhD students. You can see a list here.

PhD committee

The AGRO programme committee is composed of six members of the permanent academic staff, three PhD students, one technical staff and one secretary. Academic staff members of programme committees and their chairs are appointed by the vice-dean for talent development after consultations with the relevant departments/centres.