Current PhD students

Crop Health

Anders Krog Mortensen - BioMap – Estimation and Mapping of Biomass and N-uptake from Field Crops using Computer Vision

Antje Reiss - Weed suppression by winter cereals: Relative contribution of competition for resources and allelopathy

Bina Bhattarai - Elucidation of mechanisms behind benzoxazinoid interaction 

Carmina Cabral - Inter-plant communication via underground arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal networks

Isaac Kwesi Abuley -  Decision Support Systems in the control of Potato Early blight (Alternaria solani and Alternaria alternata

Jacob Glerup Gyldengren - A modelling approach to predict the effects of a targeted nitrogen (N) regulation on winter wheat yield and quality and on N losses to the environment 

Kourosh Hooshmand - Chemistry of plant root signaling compounds with importance for the plant-associated microbiome and disease resistance

Maheswor Dev Gautam - Characterization of conjugates and bound residues of azoxystrobin metabolism in lettuce

Muhammed Javaid Akhter - Ecology, biology and management of Vulpia myuros

Nana Jusjong Vagndorf - Improvement of resistance against Septoria Leaf Blotch caused by the fungus Zymoseptoria tritici (anamorph Septoria tritici) in Danish winter wheat varieties

Rose Kristoffersen -  Management of Septoria Tritici Blotch using cultivar mixtures and optimized fungicide strategies 

Zahra Salimi - Enhancement of Seed Performance through Seed Priming

Soil Physics and Hydropedology

Anders Bjørn Møller - Digital Mapping of Soil Drainage Conditions

Cecilie Hermansen - Detection of vulnerable areas towards pesticide leaching: Use of spectroscopic techniques to predict soil functional parameters at field scale 

Christian Prinds - Mapping major flow pathways in a riparian lowland using low-cost proximal and remote sensors

Ellen Margrethe Wahlström

Hafeez Ur Rehman - Characterizing soil surface and engineering properties with water vapour sorption and visible near-infrared spectroscopy

Ioannis Varvaris - Modelling the water flow dynamics in a subsurface drained agricultural landscape characterized by spatial variability in the geological stratified heterogeneity

Johannes Lund Jensen - Identification of soil organic carbon thresholds to sustain soil functions in agroecosystems

Lashya Priyadarshanee - Measuring soil properties by using Visible Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Lipe Renato Dantas Mendes - Surface-flow created wetlands treating agricultural drainage water: processes regulating the phosphorus dynamics and the role of vegetation

Maria Isabel Senal - Redox dynamics and nitrate reduction in the soil profile of drained soils in different landscapes

Nils Onnen - Close Aerial Sensing for characterizing soil surface conditions and improving erosion modelling in agricultural landscapes

Peter Bilson Obour - Predicting soil workability and fragmentation in tillage

Rasmus Jes Petersen - Hydro-biogeochemical nitrogen transformation in riparian lowlands in different landscapes

Salman Tabatabai - 3D Soil Characterization and Mapping Using Proximal Soil Sensors Fusion

Sara Sanchez - Spatial P and P Mobilization in relation to P leaching: which are the factors governing these processes? 

Søren Kirkegaard Nielsen - Sensing and control of implements for site-specific field operations

Zampela Pittaki-Chrysodonya -  Integrated modelling of water transport and pesticide leaching at different hydraulic conditions

Soil Fertility

Betina Nørgaard Pedersen - Long-term residual effects of organic nitrogen applications in manures and plant residues 

Doline Fontaine - Biogas digestates and residues from biogas production as nutrient source in crop production 

Drishya Nair - Nitrogen leaching and nitrous oxide emissions from maize on dairy farms: mitigation potential of 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP)

Henrik Thers - Greenhouse Gas emissions from cultivation of oil seed rape for biofuels 

Ingeborg Frøsig Pedersen - Improving phosphorus-use efficiency in manure in maize production

Julie Therese Christensen - Enhancing phosphorus utilization by adapting the use of cover crops to soil type and P status 

Kirsten Lønne Enggrob - The role of higher molecular weight dissolved organic nitrogen in the plant-soil nitrogen cycle 

Musibau Oyeleke Azeez - Distribution of Phosphorus, Carbon and Arbuscular Mycorrhiza in Agricultural Soil Profiles after Long Term Contrasting Liming and Phosphorus Fertilization 

Rebekka Kjeldgaard Kristensen

Climate and Water

Chiara de Notaris - Productivity and nitrogen cycling in organic arable row cropping system

David Nagy - Digital Soil Mapping of drain systems in Denmark and quantification of the functionality of subsurface drain systems 

Fatemeh Hashemi - Methods for Assessing Spatially Differentiated Nitrogen Mitigation in Agriculture

Junxian Peng - Managing and Optimising Irrigation by Satellite and Small Unmanned Air Vehicle Telemetry

Kari Wolf

Leanne Elizabeth Peixoto -   Mitigating climate change: the potential for long-term soil carbon storage in subsoil from deep rooted crops

Majken Deichmann - The influence of drainage management and N fertilization on crop production and nitrogen leaching based in case studies in China and Denmark

Muhammad Adil Rashid - Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Irrigated Farming Systems under Climate Change

Noha Mahmoud

Qi Yang - Effect of AMF and biochar on potato growth under water deficit

Teng Hu - Soil carbon balances and stock changes under different cropping and management systems

Zhi Liang - Organic matter dynamics and microbiology in deep soil

Entomology and Plant Pathology

Enoch Narh Kudjordjie - Clever plant roots design their associated microbiome to prevent disease. What are the mechanisms behind?

Kamilla Knorr - Fungal endophytes - potential tools for reducing Fusarium and its toxins in wheat.

Kamran Saleem -  Phenotyping for rust resistance in wheat

Rasmus Emil Jensen - The effect of endophytic entomopathogenic fungi on predators, parasitoids and entomopathogens

Zahid Mahmood - Genomics of tritrophic interactions of mycoinsecticides: plant – pest - pathogen interactions

Agricultural Systems and Sustainability

Bonnie Ann Averbuch - Mapping the potential for developing Danish provenance food - a systemic perspective

Emilia Noel Ptak - Landscape Scale Measures and Stakeholder Involvement for Sustainable Resource Use

Jakob Raffn -  How can LCA contribute to Context Based Sustainability and aid in facilitating a transition from a singular to a multi-capital economy?     

Lone Juul - Resource efficient feeding strategies in organic pig production

Malene Jakobsen - Integrated organic pork production and agroforestry - assessing and improving eco-efficiency

Morten Graversgaard - Stakeholder involvement in natural resource management - a framework for integrated participatory modelling

Noah Larvoe

Seungha Baek

Trine Ørum Schwennesen - The role of place within provenance food networks 



Abuley, Isaac KwesiPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Akhter, Muhammad JavaidPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Antoniuk, VitaPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Ardalani, HamidrezaPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Averbuch, Bonnie AnnPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbrugssystemer og Bæ
Azeez, Musibau OyelekePh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbiologi og Næ
Baek, SeunghaPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbrugssystemer og Bæ
Bhattarai, BinaPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Christensen, Julie TheresePh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbiologi og Næ
Christensen, Lotte DalgaardPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Miljøvidenskab - Environmental social
Chrysodonta, Zampela PittakiPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
De Notaris, ChiaraPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Deichmann, MajkenPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Ding, ZhaoGæsteph.d.Institut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Dorca-Preda, TeodoraPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbrugssystemer og Bæ
Enggrob, KirstenPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbiologi og Næ
Falcato Cabral, CarminaPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Fontaine, DolinePh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbiologi og Næ
Gyldengren, Jacob GlerupPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Hazrati, HosseinPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Hermansen, CeciliePh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Hooshmand, KouroshPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Hu, TengPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Jakobsen, MalenePh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbrugssystemer og Bæ
Jensen, JohannesPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Jensen, Peter WeberPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Jensen, Rasmus EmilPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Entomologi og
Jing, ShuxuanPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Juul, LonePh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbrugssystemer og Bæ
Kesser, Merek MariePh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Khodadad Motarjemi, SagharPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Koganti, TrivenPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Koley Peixoto, Leanne Elizabeth EPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Kotlar, Ali MehmandoostGæsteph.d.Institut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Kristensen, Rebekka KjeldgaardPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbiologi og Næ
Kristoffersen, RosePh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Kudjordjie, Enoch NarhPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Entomologi og
Larvoe, NoahPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbrugssystemer og Bæ
Liang, ZhiPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Mahmood, ZahidPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Entomologi og
Mahmoud, NohaPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Marakkala Manage, Lashya PPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
McCollough, MargaretPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Møller, Anders BjørnPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Nagy, DavidPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Nair, DrishyaPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbiologi og Næ
Obour, Peter BilsonPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Onnen, NilsPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Pedersen, Betina NørgaardPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbiologi og Næ
Pedersen, Ingeborg FrøsigPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbiologi og Næ
Peng, JunxiangPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Petersen, Rasmus JesPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Prinds, ChristianPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Ptak, Emilia NoelPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbrugssystemer og Bæ
Pyazdankhah, HedyeGæsteph.d.Institut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Raffn, JakobPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbrugssystemer og Bæ
Rehman, Hafeez UrPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Roell, Yannik EloPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Saleem, KamranPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Entomologi og
Salimi, ZahraPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Sanchez, SaraPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Schwartz Madsen, KimPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Schwennesen, Trine ØrumPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbrugssystemer og Bæ
Sechu, Gasper LaurentPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Senal, Maria IsabelPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Sikder, Md ManiruzzamanPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Entomologi og
Suarez, AlfonsoPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbiologi og Næ
Tabatabai, SalmanPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Thers, HenrikPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordbiologi og Næ
Vagndorf, Nana JusjongPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Afgrø
Valaei, NiushaGæsteph.d.Institut for Agroøkologi - Entomologi og
Varvaris, IoannisPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og
Vendelbo, Nikolaj MeisnerPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Entomologi og
Windeck, Claudia TheresePh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Wolf, Kari AnnaPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
Xu, QiangGæsteph.d.Institut for Agroøkologi - Jordbrugssystemer og Bæ
Yang, QiPh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Klima og
ten Damme, LorainePh.d.-studerendeInstitut for Agroøkologi - Jordfysik og