PhD Committee

The Department of Agroecology programme committee is composed of six members of the permanent academic staff, three PhD students, one technical staff mebe and one secretary. Academic staff members of programme committees and their chairs are appointed by the vice-dean for talent development after consultations with the relevant departments/centres.

The members of the Department of Aroecology programme committee are:

Lis de Jonge – Head of program

Mathias N. Andersen – Professor

Bernd Wollenweber – Associate Professor

Henrik Skovgård Pedersen - Senior scientist

Chris Kjeldsen – Senior scientist

Lars Elsgaard  – Associate professor

Christian Prinds – PhD student

Carmina Cabral – PhD student

Chiara de Notaris – PhD student

Karina Rysholt Christensen - Secretary

TASKS for the committee include:

  • The programme committees discuss matters related to PhD studies at the departmental level and forward their recommendations to the head of the PhD school. PhD students are excluded from participating in any items on the agenda that pertain to personal issues, such as the evaluation of incoming applications. 
  • The academic staff members of the programme committees evaluate incoming applications and submit their recommendations to GSST. Their evaluation involves a thorough assessment of each applicant’s qualifications in accordance with the criteria listed in paragraph 3.4 and of the recommendations provided by GSST.
  • Approval of PhD plans (chairman) 
  • Performance of half-year evaluations (chairman)
  • Programme committee members from the academic staff take part in qualifying examinations and theses evaluations as internal opponents.
  • Programme committee members from the academic staff take part in defence and theses evaluations as internal opponents
  • Establishment of a PhD course programme
  • Approval of new PhD courses and allocation of ECTS
  • Twice a year committee members have conversations with all PhD students to secure well-being
  • Organisation of the Grand Meeting once a year
  • Advise students and supervisors
  • Act as problem-solvers