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Crop protection at Flakkebjerg

The section for Crop Health at AU Flakkebjerg is part of the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University. We are a leading research team in the field of crop protection in the northern part of the EU and have extensive collaborative activities across all of Europe.

We are GEP certified and carry out many diverse activities in the field of biological efficacy testing – and our history within this area goes back more than 100 years. Our GEP certificate is valid for trials in Sweden where we also carry out a number of trials, especially in specialty crops.

We carry out many different types of trials, but we mainly evaluate the biological effect of different crop protection products, including pesticides, biopesticides and different types of biostimulants.

Our facilities are located in Flakkebjerg where we can carry out trials in glasshouses, semi-field and field conditions. It is possible to irrigate half our fields, which ensures an optimal execution of the trials. By means of artificial inoculation we can with great certainty ensure that the crops are infected with carefully selected crop diseases so that we can test the efficacy of different products.

In addition to positive experiences with screening of the biological effects of pesticides and alternative products on diseases, pests and weeds, we have positive experiences with phenotyping of varietal resistance to various diseases for which a specific inoculum is required to ensure the ranking.

Our services cover the testing of:

  • Agrochemicals
  • Biological and biostimulant products
  • Phenotyping of varieties
  • Spray drift activities
  • Resistance to pesticides
  • Efficacy and selectivity screening of pesticides and development of alternative strategies for control of specific pests

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