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The hormonal balance of plants helps to stabilise and create an optimal growth environment for themselves, beneficial nematodes and microorganisms in the soil close to the roots. If the hormone balance changes, it also affects the organisms in and around the roots.

Photo: Md Maniruzzaman Sikder

2021.09.22 | Agro, Research, DCA

Hormone secretion of plants has a major impact on nematodes

Plants spend a lot of energy releasing hormone substances from roots to soil. It affects the microbial environment of the soil surrounding the plant, and has a far greater effect on certain species of plant parasitic nematodes than previously thought.

2021.09.20 | DCA, Agro

New international research project to make livestock farming more sustainable

Danish expertise is at the forefront of a new pan-European research project to develop sustainable systems for livestock farming in collaboration with local livestock farms.

Photo: Villum Experiment

2021.09.17 | Grant, Agro, DCA

Villum Experiment: 51 researchers receive DKK 99 million DKK for research experiments

Shubiao Wu is among the 51 researchers who have received a grant from this year's Villum Experiment. With a grant of almost DKK 2 million. He will be the first to investigate how to use microbial pathways for a simultaneous reduction of methane and nitrous oxide from wetlands.

Photo: Inge S. Fomsgaard

2021.09.20 | People, Agro, DCA, News

New professor of natural product chemistry and environmental chemistry

Inge S. Fomsgaard is now employed as Professor of Natural Product Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry at the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University.

Photo: Gasper Laurent Sechu

2021.09.14 | PhD defense, News, Agro

PhD defence: Mapping the flow of water and nutrients through river valleys

During his PhD studies, Gasper Laurent Sechu researched river valleys and their role in protecting streams through digital mapping processes within them.

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