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2021.04.12 | News, DCA, Agro, Anis

Focus on quality and transparency at the first European seminar on science-based policy advice in the field of agriculture and environment

There are major differences in status and organization of science-based policy advice among the European member states. However, the challenges are often the same, and cooperation among providers of science-based policy advice could increase quality. That was one of the take home messages from the first European seminar on science-based policy…

Photo: Aarhus University

2021.03.20 | People, Agro, DCA

PhD student from Agroecology win the annual Three Minute Thesis competition

Peat soils, paludiculture, and greenhouse gas emissions were the topics when Claudia Kalla Nielsen on 18 March won the annual Three Minute Thesis competition at Aarhus University, which this year was held digitally.

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2021.03.17 | Research, Agro, DCA

Organic farming requires good management to protect against nitrate contamination of the groundwater

A new study by researchers from Aarhus University and Christian Albrechts University suggests that specialized arable organic and conventional systems leach nitrate at such rates that the EU quality standards are exceeded. But integrated approaches based on a balanced combination of forages, catch crops and cash crops can help organic farmers to…

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2021.03.10 | Research, DCA, Agro

Thresholds for the impact of temperature on the activity of ecosystems can improve forecasts for future climate change

In a recently published article in Nature Ecology & Evolution, a large team of international researchers and Aarhus University investigated how the respiration of ecosystems depends on temperature. Ecosystems show threshold values for the impact of temperature on ecosystems' CO2 emissions, and this may help to improve forecasts for future climate…

Photo: Søren Kelstrup Skovsen, Institut for Elektro- og Computerteknologi ved Aarhus Universitet

2021.03.10 | Research, Agro, DCA

A breakthrough in image recognition of clover allows for optimised nitrogen supply to grass clover pastures

Using machine learning, researchers from Aarhus University have developed a method that can map the distribution of grass, clover, and weeds on the farmer's fields, so that he more easily can adapt the supply of nitrogen. The method uses so-called DeepLabv3+ neural networks, and it is extremely robust and allows coverage of large areas in a short…

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