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Photo: Muhammad Javaid Akhter

2020.12.11 | PhD defense, Research, Agro

PhD defence: Biology and management of Vulpia myuros-An emerging weed problem in Northern Europe

During his studies, Muhammad Javaid Akhter studied the biology and management of Vulpia myuros. Vulpia myuros is an emergent threat to arable farming in Denmark. The information on the weed biology is necessary to develop effective integrated management strategies against Vulpia myuros. Studying weed biology, Muhammad Javaid Akhter investigated…

Photo: Colourbox

2020.11.19 | Research, Agro, DCA

Mapping of pesticide resistance

To gain a better insight into the development of the weed's resistance to herbicides, researchers from Aarhus University have updated the overview of resistance in a new note to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

[Translate to English:] Foto: Jakob Rafn

2020.11.16 | PhD defense, Agro, DCA

PhD defence: PoN – an SOS for sustainability

During his PhD studies, Jakob Raffn attempted to unpack and address a key challenge of our time; namely that, ‘while societies become increasingly aware of and knowledgeable about sustainability they do not become sustainable’. In their current configurations, our Societal Operating Systems (SOS), i.e. economies, sciences, politics, technologies,…

Photo: Lise Balsby - AU Communication

2020.11.11 | Research, Agro, DCA

New applicable and automated system for terron classification

Researchers from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University have developed a system for terron classification at different scales based on gridded data, and used it to classify and map terron regions in Denmark incorporating soil, climate and landscape information.

Photo: AU Foto

2020.11.03 | Research, Grant, Agro, DCA

Drones will reduce agricultural CO2 emissions

ReDoCO2 is a new Danish development project, which the Innovation Fund Denmark supports with DKK 24.3 million. kr. Researchers from the Department of Agroecology will, in collaboration with Aalborg University, RegionMidt, SkyTEM, and I • GIS, develop methods and technology for mapping and analysing peatlands, one of the major sources of CO2…

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