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Photo: Maria Isabel Senal

2021.02.11 | PhD defense, Agro

PhD defence: Topography and soil electrical conductivity: simple tools to assess heterogeneities in artificially drained soils

During her PhD studies, Maria Isabel Senal studied the magnitude and profiles of redox potential values (Eh) and the different forms of nitrogen, potential denitrification rates, and various physico-chemical soil properties of the different conceptualized redox environments in a tile-drained agricultural field. Such parameters were used to…

Photo: Hamidreza Ardalani

2021.02.11 | PhD defense, Agro

PhD defence: Effects of dietary phytochemicals on pesticide concentrations in honey bees – a metabolomics approach

Honey bees are important pollinators and are subject to numerous stressors, such as changing floral resources, parasites, and agrochemical exposure. Hamidreza Ardalani studied the effects of phytochemicals on residual pesticide concentrations in honey bees. He implemented mass spectrometry-based metabolomics to investigate how different diets…

Photo: Julie Therese Christensen

2021.02.01 | PhD defense, News, Agro

Using cover crops to enhance phosphorus availability

During her studies, Julie Therese Christensen researched several aspects of soil phosphorus dynamics. One of the core-ideas were to use cover crops to increase phosphorus availability for the main crop. More specifically, Julie Therese Christensen studied the cover crops lupine, oat and corncockle, and found that especially lupine and corncockle…

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto.

2021.01.27 | DCA, Agro

Trans-European seminar on science-based policy advice

European governments are facing critical decisions on agriculture, food, climate and environment. Science based policy advice is in high demand, but varies across Europe. The aim of the first trans-European seminar in this area is to facilitate exchange of experiences, challenges and best practices in how to provide science based policy advice

Photo: Colourbox

2021.01.22 | Research, Agro, DCA, Virkemidler på dyrkningsfladen

Nitrogen-fixing crops as compulsory cover crops in Denmark

A note from DCA - National Centre for Food and Agriculture and the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University documents that nitrogen fixing cover crops have more advantages than other types of cover crops. In addition to reducing nitrate leaching, they can also fixate nitrogen from the surrounding air, which can utilise by the subsequent…

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