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Photo: DCA - National Centre for Food and Agriculture

2020.05.11 | Research, Publication, Agro, DCA

New report with results from experiments with plant protection

New report on applied plant protection shows results from testing of pesticides and other forms of plant protection.

Photo: Jesper Rais - AU Foto

2020.05.04 | Research, Agro, DCA

Low availability of sulphur in degassed fertilisers

Researchers from Aarhus University have investigated the availability of sulphur and nitrogen in co-ensiled crops and straw as well as cattle manure that has been through a biogas process. The study showed higher plant availability of nitrogen but lower availability of sulphur after degassing.

Photo: Finn Plauborg

2020.04.24 | Research, Agro, DCA

Researchers want to climate-proof cocoa production in Ghana

Cocoa production in Ghana is threatened by climate change. Researchers from Aarhus University will collaborate with research institutes in Ghana in a new Danida-funded project to climate-secure the cocoa industry, thus securing a significant part of Ghana's economy.

Aarhus University is helping to strengthen research in countries including Ghana via Danida’s Building Stronger Universities programme. Photo: University of Ghana

2020.04.24 | Research, Agro, DCA, Grant

Denmark invests in climate research in Ghana

Ongoing cooperation between Danish universities and the University of Ghana is being supplemented with new funds to strengthen climate change research. It will strengthen research equipment and teaching.

Photo: Mathias Neumann Andersen

2020.04.24 | Research, Agro, DCA

Scientists want to climate-secure vegetable production in Ghana

Vegetable production in Ghana is threatened by climate change with higher temperatures and longer drought periods. Researchers from Aarhus University, in collaboration with several Ghanaian universities, will investigate how to make farmers and vegetable production less sensitive to climate change and future-proof vegetable production in the…

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