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It can be difficult to evaluate how serious  a virus infection in a bee colony is. A new tool from the Department of Agroecology makes it easier. Photo: Colourbox

2015.10.26 |

Simpler method for measuring viral infections in bees

Scientists from Aarhus University have developed a model that makes it easier for beekeepers to assess the seriousness of viral infections in their honey bees.

The peatland area in Denmark has been reduced by 50,000 hectares since 1975. Photo: Janne Hansen

2015.10.08 |

Research from Aarhus University goes hand in hand with environmental management

Danish peatland area has been reduced by approximately 50,000 ha since 1975, according to studies from Aarhus University. These results are the basis on which new Danish legislation regarding wetlands and permanent removal of peatlands from agricultural production builds and is an example of how applied research goes hand in hand with…

The field of agricultural sciences encompasses a wide range of subjects related to how humans use and develop natural resources for their benefit. Photo: Anders Trærup

2015.10.12 |

Aarhus University’s agricultural science research among world elite

The food and agricultural science research carried out at Aarhus University is among the best in the world. It ranks as number nine on the U.S. News Best Global Universities ranking and is thus the best university in Denmark.