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Juvenile nematodes. Photo: Md. Maniruzzaman Sikder

2021.06.23 |

Nematodes may be protected by microbes attached to their surface

Nematodes and microbes co-exist in different environments, but they just might do more than that., In humans and insects, nematodes use the host and endosymbiotic microbes to assist them with parasitism. So, does the same thing happen to plant parasitic nematodes in the soil and within the roots of the plants they attack?

Biorefinery at AU Foulum. Photo: Lars Kruuse - AU Foto

2021.06.28 |

Validation of screening method for assessing plants' potential for protein extraction via biorefining

Is it better to extract protein from grass or other plants in the biorefinery and how much protein can be extracted? Now, a recognised method normally used to screen for feed value has been validated as a method to assess the potential for extracting protein from plant material in a biorefinery. This will make it possible to study many more plant…

Photo: Ida Marie Jensen - AU Foto

2021.06.16 |

Researchers from Aarhus University target factors that influence farm injuries

According to a new study conducted by researchers from Aarhus University and Scotland’s Rural College injuries om farms are more likely to occur through interaction with large livestock than any other operations. In fact, the risk of injury on cattle farms is three times higher than on pig farms.

Photo: Claus Bo Andreasen

2021.06.16 |

Legume-based cover crops can self-regulate to reduce nitrogen loss

Researchers from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University have investigated the ability of legume-based cover crop mixtures to reduce nitrate leaching losses from agriculture and found them to be self-regulating in terms of nitrogen input via biological N2 fixation and effects on nitrate leaching.

Photo: Lars Kruus - AU Foto

2021.06.10 |

Commercialisation of open-source modelling tools can help Danish greenhouse gardeners

An open-source modelling tool, created by a researcher from Aarhus University, has created good collaborations throughout the world, including with the Danish Technological Institute on the development of two decision support tools for Danish greenhouse gardeners.

2021.06.09 |

Conference on sense of taste and sustainability

How can our sense of taste help ensure new and more sustainable food choices? This is the theme of the innovative and interdisciplinary conference "Creative Tastebuds", which will be held in August as a collaboration between Aarhus University, the research and dissemination centre Smag for Livet and the Institute of Meals. Everyone is welcome -…

Photo: Colourbox

2021.06.09 |

Researchers lay the genetic foundation to future ergot management in rye

How does ergot infect rye, and which genes play an important role in resisting the disease? These are questions researchers from Department of Agroecology have explored as part of an industrial post doc collaboration with Nordic Seed. The results will pave the way for better understanding of the complex mechanisms of ergot, which can be utilised…