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[Translate to English:] NuReDrain virtuel konference d. 1. juni 2021.

2021.05.21 |

Virtual conference: How to filter nitrogen and phosphorus from agricultural water

Join a virtual conference organised by NuReDrain. Here you will meet a number of exciting speakers from, among others, Aarhus University, the University of Copenhagen, Ghent University and Rostock University. With a focus on the latest knowledge, they will talk about filter systems to best prevent nitrogen and phosphorus from being leached through…

Photo: Shuxuan Jing

2021.05.19 |

PhD-defence: Is lack of pollination the main reason for the low seed yield in red clover?

Seed production of red clover largely depends on bumble bee’s pollination. However, pollination under field conditions is complex.

Liming in Aaskov. Photo: Henning Carlo Thomsen.

2021.05.05 |

Liming on acidic soils reduces nitrous oxide emissions and increases yields

Researchers from Aarhus University and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences have found that when farmers apply lime to acidic fields, they can not only increase crop production, but also reduce nitrous oxide emissions and increase the soil capacity to oxidize methane, thereby contributing to climate change mitigation.

Honneybee in oregano. Photo: Claus Rasmussen

2021.04.28 |

Researchers evaluate the competition for food plants between honey bees and other bees in Denmark

Overlap of food and the Danish list of threatened species (red list) can help to guide action plans and management of bees in nature areas in Denmark, new research from leading European bee researchers from Aarhus University, among others, shows.

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto.

2021.05.04 |

Green demonstration plant ravaged by fire

A building at AU Foulum, which among other things houses a demonstration plant for biorefining, was ravaged by fire on Tuesday night. Despite damage to the building, the researchers expect that the experimental activities will be able to resume within two weeks.

Lucerne in the field. Photo: Colourbox

2021.04.28 |

Lucerne and chicory have the potential to loosen compacted subsoil

Using a medical CT scanner in a laboratory experiment, researchers have assessed the ability of five crops to loosen heavily compacted soil caused by heavy machinery. Long-term cultivation of lucerne and chicory show great potential for mitigating subsoil compaction.

Photo: Triven Koganti

2021.04.20 |

PhD defence: Non-destructive techniques for mapping agricultural subsurface drainage systems

During his PhD studies, Triven Koganti investigated a variety of proximal (Ground penetrating radar, Magnetic gradiometer) and remote (Unmanned aerial vehicle imagery captured using different cameras) sensing technologies to discern their potential in mapping agricultural subsurface drainage systems (popularly known as “tile drains”). Triven…

Photo: AU Foto

2021.04.14 |

New model predicts harvest date as well as the efficiency of cover crops

As a policy support response to the Danish Agency for Agriculture, researchers from Aarhus University have created a model that, based on air temperature, can estimate harvest dates for spring barley and winter wheat. And in an article in "Field Crops Research", the same researchers have used the model to show how the harvest date for crops can be…

Applied Crop Protection 2020

2021.04.14 |

New results from the experiments with applied crop protection

The annual report on Applied Crop Protection has just been published with the latest results from pesticide testing and other forms of crop protection.

Photo: Janne Hansen

2021.04.14 |

EU Water Framework Directive and Danish agriculture in 1900

The work with the establishment of reference conditions in Danish coastal waters has so far been based on the distribution of eelgrass around 1900, and current measurements of nitrogen concentration in watercourses with virtually no agricultural activity, as well as estimated historical national nitrogen balances. In a new publication in the…

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