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Aarhus University climate professor among world elite

Professor Jørgen E. Olesen from the Department of Agroecology is among the world’s 6000 most highly cited researchers.

[Translate to English:] Professor og sektionsleder Jørgen E. Olesen er blandt verdens mest citerede forskere. Foto: Jesper Rais
[Translate to English:] Professor og sektionsleder Jørgen E. Olesen er en af verdens mest citerede forskere. Foto: Jesper Rais


Many people with an interest in climate change and food production have heard of Professor Jørgen E. Olesen from Aarhus University. He willingly addresses the press, gives talks, and takes part in debates all over the country. In addition, he shares his extensive knowledge with decision makers in Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world. 

Researchers also acknowledge and appreciate the knowledge that Jørgen E. Olesen helps create. His articles have been cited so many times by other scientists that he has landed on the exclusive list “Highly Cited Researchers”. The list includes only 6000 researchers from all over the world. There are 72 Danish researchers on the list, of which 13 are from Aarhus University. 

Up to now, “Highly Cited Researchers” only listed elite researchers that ranked in the upper one percent of number of citations per field. This list includes approximately 4000 researchers and comprises 21 broad academic areas, such as agricultural sciences, engineering, physics, immunology and clinical medicine. 

In recognition of the fact that many researchers publish scientific articles across research disciplines, the list has now been expanded to include a new cross-field category. This category covers researchers who have made a particular impact with papers across several fields in the past decade – and this is where climate professor Jørgen E. Olesen is placed. Approximately 2000 researchers are in this new category. 

Since 1985, Jørgen E. Olesen has authored or co-authored approximately 1000 articles, reports, feature articles and other publications, approximately 250 of which have been published in scientific journals.  

Jørgen E. Olesen welcomes the recognition. 

- It is gratifying that we Danes also have an influence on international research in the climate and environmental challenges facing agriculture. I hope that this recognition can contribute to inspiring young researchers to become interested in this area of research and strengthen Danish industry’s contribution to the necessary sustainable solutions, he says. 

The list ”Highly Cited Researchers” is prepared by Clarivate Analytics, that has looked at approximately 33,000 scientific journals. You can read more about the list, including the methods, on the website of Clarivate Analytics


For more information please contact: Professor Jørgen E. Olesen, Department of Agroecology, email: jeo@agro.au.dk, telephone: +45 8715 7778, mobile: +45 4082 1659