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Focus on technology and future farming

The Department of Agroecology has extensive collaboration with the industry. An example of this is the collaboration with CEO Ole Green, Agrointelli. Ole Green is the department’s recently appointed honorary professor and will give his inaugural lecture in October 2017.  

[Translate to English:] Teknologi og fremtidens jordbrug er i fokus i forbindelse med tiltrædelsesforelæsninen for adjungeret professor ved Institut for Agroøkologi Ole Green. Foto: Ole Green

The farming of the future must be productive, efficient and sustainable all at the same time. This requires, among other things, development of new technology. The Department of Agroecology will therefore be spotlighting technology and agriculture on the occasion of the inaugural lecture of recently appointed Honorary Professor Ole Green on October 24, 2017 at AU Foulum and October 31, 2017 at AU Flakkebjerg. 

The Department of Agroecology also has a strong focus on collaboration with the industry where collaboration with the business Agrointelli, where Ole Green is CEO, is a good example. In connection with Ole Green’s inaugural lecture there will therefore also be exhibitions where you can learn more about the 11 research projects on which the Department of Agroecology and Ole Green already collaborate.  

You can read more about the projects on DCA’s theme page ”Technology and future crop production”.

Have you remembered to sign up for the inaugural lectures in Foulum eller Flakkebjerg?  If not, you can do so at the latest October 18, 2017.

Read more about the inaugural lecture” Sustainability, technology and intelligent solutions go hand in hand in the agriculture of the future”. NB! The lecture will be in English.