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Award for ground-breaking field technology

Collaboration between research and a commercial company has led to award-winning technology that can contribute to increasing grass-clover production and protecting the environment from nitrogen.

[Translate to English:] Adjungeret professor Ole Green fra Institut for Agroøkologi (nr. 3 fra venstre) har vundet en Agromek Award. Foto: Agromek
[Translate to English:] Adjungeret professor Ole Green fra Institut for Agroøkologi (nr. 3 fra venstre) har vundet en Agromek Award. Foto: Agromek


A camera-based system that can increase grass-clover yields and optimise application of nitrogen has been recognized as a ”Three-star New Product at Agromek 2018. Not only that, the ground-breaking technology has also won an Agromek Award. 

The winner is Honorary Professor Ole Green from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University, whose company Agrointelli won the prize for its development of CloverCam. 

CloverCam is a camera for mapping the grass-clover ratio and the meadow’s nitrogen requirement. The aim of the technology is to optimise the grass-clover ratio and fertiliser application. 

- The camera measures the relation between clover and grass in the field. The measurements are then used to calculate the correct amount of nitrogen to be applied to tailor the proportion of clover to benefit cow feed uptake and milk yield as well as to maximise the yield per hectare, Ole Green explains. 

CloverCam is typically mounted on a mower and controlled by a small terminal in the tractor cab. CloverCam is based on a high-quality camera that takes pictures continuously. These photos are analysed by a computer in the camera. The amount of visible clover, grass and weeds are determined for each picture using artificial intelligence. 

This information is coupled with a GPS-coordinate so the camera system creates a precise field map each time the field is driven over. The result is thereafter read into a field management program, after which nitrogen application can be optimised. 

Development of the new technology was carried out in the research projects CloverSense and SmartGrass, which are both led by researchers from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University. 

You can read about CloverSense in the article Nitrogen, clover, camera and image analysis all come together here. 

You can read about SmartGrass in the article Nitrogen application in grass-clover and grass seed needs the right balance here. 

Seven companies received Agromek Awards in 2018. A committee consisting of farmers selected the winners based on what can have most impact in practice. 

You can read about the Agromek Awards 2018 here.    

Ole Green’s company Agrointelli had two more products at Agromek 2018 that made an impression. Both were selected as Two-star New Products. 

For more information please contact:

Honorary Professor Ole Green, Department of Agroecology, email: olg@agrointelli.com, telephone: +45 5186 4406