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Public sector consultancy

The Department of Agroecology contributes to the research-based policy support in DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture in a wide range of areas. The department is responsible for one of the three performance areas within food and agriculture that Aarhus University has made an agreement with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. The performance agreement is called Crop Production and comprises eight scientific effort areas:

  • Crop breeding and pollination, crop health aspects and crop protection, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) 
  • Climate-smart production systems
  • Fertilisers, standards, and nitrogen prognosis
  • Technology – agriculture and crop production
  • Soil and soil conditions, including digital data, maps and picture analysis
  • Green transition and biomass
  • Targeted regulation and measures
  • Agricultural reform and public green benefits

Read more about the agreement concerning Crop Production here (in Danish). 

The obligation includes acute ad hoc tasks, preparatory work for legislation and hearings, elucidation and evaluation, and ongoing task requests from public agencies and ministries or according to own assessment of needs and topicality. 

Read more about Aarhus University's research-based policy support within the area of food and agriculture here.