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Organisation of food systems

This research area focuses on food networks, including "new" high quality networks such as organics, regional products and so on. A significant starting point is that the chain from farm to fork, from food production to food consumption, can be described concurrently in terms of biophysics and social networks of relations between nature and society.

The approach thus includes both social, economic/commercial and spatial dimensions. Rural districts become a central part of the equation by virtue of the spatial dimension. A current large project, ProvenanceDK, is developing a kind of ’Atlas of possibilities' in the area as well as commercial possibilities for products and is stimulating collaboration between municipalities, companies and producers with the aim of developing specific products and action plans in the area. The project is a collaboration between Aarhus University, three Danish municipalities and a business region with policies in this area as well as a series of commercial companies that are among the market's leading players in this area.