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Research flagships

To raise the awareness of the scientific profile nationally and internationally, the Department of Agroecology has identified four research flagships. These flagships represent research areas in which the department is particularly strong and from which results that are in keeping with national and global challenges and goals are delivered.   

Since the flagships are thematic in contrast to the more discipline-oriented approach in the research sections, the flagships can contribute to building synergy and collaboration between the sections. The efforts in the flagships take place across the department's six research sections and comprise research, talent development, policy support and education. 

The four flagships are:

·         Climate-Smart Agri-Food Systems

·         Sustainable Pest Management

·         Sustainable Nutrient Management

·         Soil Functions

The interaction and dynamics between the research flagships and the department as a whole are symbolised in the following figure:                      



The circle represents the whole department.

Four of the coloured parts each represent a flagship that draws knowledge and competences from various parts of the department.

The coloured area area in the middle represents the parts of the department that do not belong to a specific flagship but that can contribute to all the flagships or that carry out tasks outside of the flagship research areas.