Symposier 1996-2005

Arrangør: Koordinationsgruppen for Frøfysiologi 



Symposium / Keynote speakers

Symposium Seed Biology, Priming and Vigour Tests in Seeds


Invited speakers:

Professor A.A. Khan, Cornell University, USA 
Dr. Alison Powell, Aberdeen University, Skotland 


Symposium Seed Biology, Seed Ecology


Invited speakers:

Professor C. Karseen, Wageningen Agricultural University, Holland
Professor B. Gerdhardson, SLU, Uppsala, Sverige 


Symposium, Seed Development and Maturation


Invited speakers:

Professor J.D. Bewley, Guelph University, Canada
Professor R.H. Ellis, Reading University, England 


Symposium, Seed Biology, Water relations in Seeds


Invited speakers:

Professor F. Corbineau, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Frankrig
Dr. Christina Walters, National Seed Storage Laboratory, USA 


Symposium, Seed Biology, Seed Dormancy – Genetic and Physiological Aspects


Invited speakers:

Professor Michael Black, University of London, England
Professor Henk Hilhorst, Wageningen University, Holland 


Symposium, Seed Biology, Fertilization and early seed development


Invited speakers:

Professor Mark E. Westgate, Iowa State University, USA
Dr. Hans Weber, Inst. für Pflanzengenetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung, Tyskland 


Advanced Seed Technology – today and in the future


Invited speakers:

Research Leader Steven P.C. Groot, Wageningen Seed Centre, WUR, Holland

Research Director Peter Halmer, GTG – Germain’s Technology Group, England 


Seed Vigour and Performance, Seed Symposium


Invited speaker:

Research Leader, Dr. William Edward Finch-Savage, University of Warwick, England