11.09.2015 |

AsiaBlight meeting at the Potato World Congress

The establishment of an Asian late blight network is part of a global trend of greater collaboration and knowledge sharing to improve the management of potato late blight.

08.06.2015 |

First step towards global attack on potato blight

European researchers and companies concerned with the potato disease phytophthora will work more closely with parties in other parts of the world. The first move was made during the biennial meeting of the European network EuroBlight, held in Romania earlier this month. Colleagues from North-America, South-America and Asia were also invited.

06.05.2015 |

Potato blight mapped in Europe - 2014

A team of researchers tracking the 2014 population of the potato late blight pathogen have added to the 2013 data to extend the spatial diversity plots and combine this with novel genetic analysis tools that visualise the distribution and diversity of dominant clones and reveals novel genetically diverse isolates in some regions.

26.01.2015 |

Next EuroBlight Workshop in Brasov, Romania

The next EuroBlight workshop will be held in Brasov, Romania 10-13 May 2015. Local host is the Research Institute for Potato and Sugar Beet Brasov. Registration opens on 28 January 2015

14.10.2014 |

EuroBlight at the ALAP meeting in Bogota, Colombia

Huub Schepers: “EuroBlight is a novel approach that can be expanded outside Europe. We aim to help scientists and the industry in Latin America to start a network as EuroBlight to increase the knowledge about phytophthora and how to control it.”

28.04.2014 |

Potato blight mapped in Europe

A team of researchers tracking the 2013 population of the potato late blight pathogen have, for the first time, spatially plotted it’s diversity and shown areas dominated by clones contrasting with novel genetically diverse isolates in other regions.

05.03.2014 |

Proceedings of the EuroBlight Workshop Limassol, Cyprus 12-15 May 2013

A majority of the presentations and posters presented at the Workshop and discussions in the subgroups are published in this Proceedings, PPO-Special Report no. 16. The current and previous Proceedings are also available on the EuroBlight website as well as the single papers.

12.12.2013 |

Unique approach to control phytophthora in potatoes

Fast new techniques for genetic identification enable a more specific control of the potato disease phytophthora; this is the theory of scientists from Wageningen UR, who aim to partner with industry to further analyse the genetic variation of the pathogen and link it to practical recommendations. This will allow potato growers to optimally align…

30.07.2013 |

New EuroBlight report on fungicide evaluation

Fungicide evaluation to rate efficacy to control leaf late blight for the EuroBlight table. Results 2006 - 2012

22.05.2013 |

Successful workshop in Limassol

Towards sustainable management of early and late blight in potato

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