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Mitigating Nitrous Oxide Emissions Following Grassland Cultivation


This project will explore the biological basis of nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions following grassland cultivation, and potential mitigation options (shallow incorporation, manipulation of botanical composition, a novel use of the nitrification inhibitor DMPP). Simulating field-scale heterogeneity, functional genes of nitrification and denitrification, as well as microbial and earthworm community dynamics, will be studied to understand the regulation of N2O formation around decomposing residues. Promising strategies for N2O mitigation will be evaluated under field conditions.



Prof., Dr. scient. Jørgen Eriksen
Department of Agroecology,
Aarhus University
Phone: +45 8715 7672
E-mail: Jorgen.Eriksen@agro.au.dk

Senior scientist, PhD Søren O. Petersen
Department of Agroecology,
Aarhus University
Phone: +45 8715 7756
E-mail: soren.o.petersen@agro.au.dk

Prof., PhD Andreas Schramm
Department of Bioscience,
Aarhus University
Phone: +45 8715 6541
E-mail: andreas.schramm@biology.au.dk

Collaborating institutions:

Kiel University, Germany

UC Berkeley, USA

Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands