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WP1: Project management

The overall project manager is Senior Scientist Troels Kristensen (TKR). TKR will be responsible
for follow up on the plan and budget and ensure the flow of information between WP leaders, the
required reports from the project and coordination of progress meetings for the project team,
which are planned to be held biannually. TKR also has the responsibility for contact and information
to stakeholders and for the more popular knowledge dissemination.

WP-leaders support TKR in the daily follow up on the plan and budgets and are responsible for the activities carried out according to the project plan. A steering committee is formed by the WP leaders, Christian Friis Børsting from KFC, Jakob Holm Nielsen from ARLA and NN from Knowledge Centre for Agriculture, Cattle. The steering committee holds meetings at least annually or ad hoc based on invitation from TKR. Before each meting a report from each WP leader is delivered describing the activities and potential deviations from the plans.


Project leader:

Senior Scientist Troels Kristensen

Department of Agroecology

Phone: +45 8715 8014

E-mail: troels.kristensen@agrsci.dk