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WP4: Reproduction

The objective is to investigate the quality of embryos at the time of breeding in the novel strategy
as compared to a conventional strategy (WP3). Cows will be inseminated and subsequently
early-stage embryos will be obtained by uterine flushing both 2-3 months (breeding time for conventional cows) and 8-9 months (breeding time for cows in extended lactation) after calving and
investigated in vitro for quality and competence for further development.

Expected outcome:
We expect that dairy cows in extended lactation 1) will produce and ovulate eggs that are more
readily fertilized and 2) more successfully develop into embryos compared to those of cows that
loose weight and are in a state of nutrient deficiency.


Head of WP4:

Senior Scientist Martin Tang Sørensen

Department of Animal Science

Phone: +45 8715 7819

E-mail: martint.sorensen@agrsci.dk