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New research proves that there is a huge potential in expanding the area with green biomass crops. Photo: Rene Larsen

2014.09.01 | DCA

Double crop yield and lower environmental impact with alternative crops

New research with the backing of the research and innovation platform Bio-Value proves that there is a huge potential in expanding the area with green biomass crops. But the potential can only be exploited if more efficient biorefining methods are developed.

Agriculture craves a new model for the application of nitrogen. A significant research endeavour lies ahead if, as recommended in the report by the Danish Commission on Nature and Agriculture in spring 2013, a model for a more intelligent and targeted control is to be developed. Photo: Preben Olesen

2014.08.14 | DCA

Research strategy for intelligent nitrogen control

A greater degree of intelligent control of nitrogen in agriculture has much potential but requires a great deal of research in the coming years. This is the conclusion of scientists from Aarhus University who have set out a strategy incorporating new technologies.


Tue 23 Sep
10:00-16:00 | Foulum
PhD course: Theory and Practice of Representative Sampling
PhD course in sampling will take place 23-25 September 2014 at AU Foulum.
Wed 24 Sep
09:00-15:00 | Kristianstad, Sverige
NJF-seminar 475: Maize in a cooler climate - from seed to feed
The NJF seminar, which focuses on maize, will take place in Kristianstad in Sweden 24 September.
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