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A new EU network, C-IPM, coordinates the research efforts in integrated pest management in Europe. Photo: Janne Hansen

2014.07.30 | DCA

European collaboration on integrated pest management

A new EU project will help coordinate the European research efforts in integrated pest management. Ministries and research institutions from 21 countries are represented in the project. Aarhus University represents the Danish Agrifish Agency.

Local bees manage better than imported bees, according to scientists from Aarhus University. Photo: Per Kryger

2014.07.14 | DCA

Best for bees to be stay-at-homes

Honey bees with roots in the local environment manage much better in the struggle for survival than imported honey bees from foreign environments.


Sat 30 Aug
08:00-16:00 | AU Foulum
PhD course: Assessing Soil Erosion Risk
The PhD course will take place 30 August - 6 September 2014 at the research centre AU Foulum. Registration deadline is may 2014.
Wed 24 Sep
09:00-15:00 | Kristianstad, Sverige
NJF-seminar 475: Maize in a cooler climate - from seed to feed
The NJF seminar, which focuses on maize, will take place in Kristianstad in Sweden 24 September.
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