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Animals in the house are a source of gases, and in practice emissions from livestock and their manure cannot be separated. Photo: AU

2016.08.16 | Agro

New method for quantifying methane emissions from manure management

The EU Commision requires Denmark to reduce drastically emissions of greenhouse gases from agriculture. But it is currently not possible to quantify emissions of methane from livestock manure - and to document effects of changes in management. A new research article addresses this challenge and proposes a method which could be an important step…

Scientists from Aarhus University are investigating various alternative strategies for protecting crops against diseases, pests and weeds so that pesticide use can be reduced or even droppoed. Photo: Colourbox

2016.08.25 | Agro

Fruit, vegetables and potted plants bursting with health

Pesticide consumption in the horticultural sector in Denmark is low compared to other countries, but there is still room for improvement with the aid of new methods that are being developed in collaboration between researchers and the horticultural industry.


Mon 10 Oct
09:00-16:00 | Golf Hotel, Viborg
PhD course: Measuring and assessing animal welfare at herd level
Objectives of the course: The course aims at introducing the course participant to the scientific discipline of animal welfare assessment, to get hands-on experience in animal welfare assessment and to discuss the animal welfare aspects of their own Ph.D. study. The individual student will apply the theories and methodologies introduced at the course by individually preparing a course report based on empirical data on a topic of their own choice related to their own Ph.D. study.