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The Department of Agroecology has unique research facilities at its disposal, including drones, land for field trials, laboratories, greenhouses, semifield facilities, climate chambers and climate stations. 

The department has research fields at several locations. This ensures that the department's field trials can be carried out under the climate conditions and with the soil types that are optimal for the crop in question. Several of the field trials have a long time horizon - some even more than 100 years.

See map here.

The research facilities in Foulum, Flakkebjerg and Askov are used for different trials: 

  • pesticides
  • fertilizers
  • tillage
  • greenhouse experiments
  • climate chambers
  • biorefinery
  • plant production
  • etc.

The Department of Agroecology is GEP certified (Good Experimental Practice) for testing of pesticides. View our GEP certificates and learn more about GEP