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At Foulumgaard at AU Viborg the Department of Agroecology has access to more than 90 ha of land of the soil type JB4 (fine sand mixed with clay). Approximately 70 ha are used for conventional field trials and the remaining 20 ha are used for organic trials. The Department of Agroecology also rents five ha of sandy soil (JB1) with the aim of being able to conduct trials with irrigation on this soil type.   

Of the total field area approximately 60 ha are irrigated with permanent ground pipes.   

At Foulumgaard the department has access to facilities and technology for dealing with a wide range of different research tasks, including production of biomass for energy and biorefinery, cultivation of catch crops, tillage trials, measurement of nutrient leaching, trials with animal manure, lowland crop production, and cultivation of roughage.  

We also have semifield facilities, lysimeters, greenhouses and climate chambers.


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Projects on Foulumgård