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About the department

The Department of Agroecology carries out research in agroecology, that is to say the interaction between plants, animals, humans and the environment within agroecosystems for the production of food, feed, energy and biobased products. We contribute to sustainable production and growth via excellent research, advice and teaching. 

The vision of the department is to belong to the elite of research institutions that work with agroecosystems and aims to create, develop and transfer groundbreaking knowledge that can promote society's bioeconomy nationally and internationally.

The Department of Agroecology has identified four research flagships. The four research flagships comprise research areas in which the department is particularly strong and unique and from which we deliver results for the benefit of society now and in the future. Read more about the flagships here.

In keeping with global challenges

The department's targets are in keeping with global challenges and targets. They are closely aligned with, among others, the EU Commission's Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) Foresight Exercises.

SCAR is a major player with regard to setting the research agenda for sustainable agricultural research in the EU and globally. Within a bioeconomical framework, SCAR focuses on food security's global interactions with regard to climate effects, regulatory aspects and access to and use of resources.

The goal is food security. The approach mainly follows agroecological principles, including sustainable production, diversity in food systems, and resilience.