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In Flakkebjerg the Department of Agroecology has access to more than 215 ha agricultural land of the soil type JB6-7 (clay), of which more than 120 ha can be irrigated. In addition to the land there are semifield facilities with covered pot trial facilities, greenhouses and climate chambers. 

Most of the trials involve plant protection in general with a special focus on cereals, including bread wheat, as well as rapeseed, seed grass and potatoes. We also work with plant protection in special crops, including Christmas trees, vegetables and fruit. 

Integrated pest management (IPM) is an integral part of the research in all crops. A small area is cultivated organically. The focus here is particularly on research in weed management. 

In connection with pesticide trials Flakkebjerg has both GEP (Good Experimental Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) accreditation.  

The Global Rust Reference Center is also located in Flakkebjerg.


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Projects in Flakkebjerg