BarleyMicroBreed in the media

Microorganisms in Agriculture: Exciting New Discoveries 🇪🇺🇩🇰

07/04/2023 // Field Trip // Pierre Girard, co-produced by INRAE, France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment // Link to Video

Dry climate requires hardy crops: Scientists examine ancient varieties of barley

08/11/2022 // Ingeniøren // Liv Bjerg Lillevang // Link to article

Climate protection - Is drought resistance hidden in the barley genome? A dry climate calls for resilient cereals (published in Danish)

28/10/2023 // Ingeniøren // Liv Bjerg Lillevang 

BarleyMicroBreed - Strategien für die Züchtung klimaresistenter, genetisch auf optimierte Wurzel-Mikrobiom-Interaktionen ausgerichter Gerste  

31/01/2024// BOKU-CAS Newsletter // Katarzyna Retzer // Link to article

Microbes to help crops survive climate change

05/02/2024 // Centre for Evolutionary Hologenomics // Link to video