EuroBlight proceedings from the York meeting


21st EAPR Triennial Conference to be held in Warsaw, Poland on July 6-10, 2020

12.02.2020 | Science and Technology

The Conference aims to cover all potato-related topics from fundamental and applied research, potato breeding, extension services and technology transfer, to technical and economic issues of potato production, storage and processing.

Huub and Eva on the road together. Click on the photo to enlarge

Thank you Huub

31.01.2020 | Science and Technology

Huub retired on 1 January 2020 after having worked in crop protection for 38 years. During his career, he contributed to finding practical solutions for many diseases in arable and horticultural crops. Huub also built international networks e.g. resulting in the long standing EuroBlight workshops and (IPM) training sessions all over the world.

Results of the EuroBlight potato late blight monitoring in 2018

03.05.2019 | Science and Technology

EuroBlight is continuously examining the ongoing evolution of the European population of the potato late blight pathogen and now reports on the 2018 results. Approximately 1000 samples were genotyped from 22 countries.

EuroBlight propose a high rating for new fungicide

06.02.2019 | Science and Technology

New report - "Fungicide evaluation to rate efficacy to control leaf late blight for the Euroblight table"

Distribution of EU_36_A2, EU_37_A2 and EU_41_A2.

New, emerging clones of Phytophthora infestans in Europe

05.06.2018 | Science and Technology

- what do we know about them?

EuroBlight Fungicide Table

EuroBlight evaluate the effectiveness of fungicide products/co-formulations for the control of P. infestans based on the highest rate registered in Europe. These ratings are the opinion of the Fungicides Sub-Group, and are based on field experiments and experience of the products performance when used in commercial conditions.

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Fungicide evaluation to rate the efficacy to control earlyblight for the EuroBlight table Results 2015-2016 here

Fungicide evaluation to rate efficacy to control leaf late blight for the EuroBlight table. Results 2006 - 2018 here. NEW February 2019

Fungicide evaluation to rate efficacy to control tuber blight for the Euroblight table. Results 2009-2018. here New May 2019

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