About EuroBlight

EuroBlight workshops

A European network of scientists and other specialists working on potato early and late blight meet every 18 months. The network combines two previous networks originating from European Concerted Actions and has 150 members.

  • EU.NET.ICP: “European network for development of an integrated control strategy of potato late blight” (1996-2000). Coordinated by Huub Schepers
  • EUCABLIGHT: “A potato late blight network for Europe” (2003-2006). Coordinated by Alison Lees.

The 15th  workshop was hosted by the local host is the National Institute for Research and Development for Potato and Sugar Beet

The main objective of the Workshop was to present and discuss recent results on integrated control of late blight (Phytophthora infestans) and early blight (Alternaria spp.). Specific themes was:

  • EuroBlight and beyond - collaboration between global networks.
  • Fungicide resistance has been reported in an increasing number of countries and growers trying to control late blight and early blight are facing growing problems. - How can we as a group tackle this?

Statements from the workshop

Next workshop will be in Aarhus, Denmark 14-17 May. 2017. Local host is Aarhus University