20th EuroBlight Workshop 13-16 May, 2024

EuroBlight Fungicide Tables

EuroBlight evaluate the effectiveness of fungicide products/co-formulations for the control of P. infestans based on the highest rate registered in Europe. These ratings are the opinion of the Fungicides Sub-Group, and are based on field experiments and experience of the products performance when used in commercial conditions.

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New protocols

Open Access Government:

Fungicide evaluation to rate the efficacy to control earlyblight for the EuroBlight table Results 2015-2016 here

Fungicide evaluation to rate efficacy to control leaf late blight for the EuroBlight table. Results 2006 - 2018 here.

Fungicide evaluation to rate efficacy to control tuber blight for the Euroblight table. Results 2009-2018. here May 2019

Total proceedings from the most recent workshop in York 2019 here

Find the proceedings from previous workshops since 1996 here

  • EuroBlight Statement Ascona, 2022 here

  • EuroBlight Statement Zoom, 2021 here

  • EuroBlight Statement York, 2019 here

  • EuroBlight Statement Aarhus, 2017 here

  • EuroBlight statement, Brasov, 2015 here

  • EuroBlight statement, Limassol, 2013 here

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