List of barley varieties screened in the BarleyMicroBreed project

Below you will find an Excel file that provides a list of the 571 barley varieties selected for the field trials in the BarleyMicroBreed project. 

The lists consists of three panels of barley genotypes which ICARDA has selected based on genetic diversity, growth type (spring and winter) and geographical representation with emphasis on Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. 

The first panel “DivPan” consists in a diversity panel of 186 genotypes that assemble mostly spring type barley genotypes issued from crosses with H. spontaneum and H. bulbosum. The second panel, “SpringPan”, consist in 193 genotypes mostly old and modern spring barley varieties and elite genotypes adapted to Europe and the Mediterranean Region.  The last panel, “WinterPan”, consists in 192 genotypes mostly of winter and facultative habit cultivars and elite genotypes from Europe and West Asia. 

For questions related to the panels please contact Miguel Sanchez-Garzia from ICARDA, e-mail: