Travel information and logistics

Travel information

How to get there


Street address:

Conference hotel de Werelt
Westhofflaan 2
6741 KH
The Netherlands

By air & train:

Lunteren is located 18 km north of Wageningen, 11 km north of Ede-Wageningen railway station. Your trip will thus be very similar to a trip to Wageningen.

Most likely you will arrive at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. Let us know if you need directions from another airport. From Schiphol airport there is a direct train to Ede-Wageningen or a near direct train where you have to switch trains in Utrecht. General direction from Schiphol is Arnhem or Nijmegen. All trains pass through Utrecht. More info:

Schiphol railway station is connected to the air terminal. You can follow the signs to the trains after passing passport control and customs.

Dutch public transport works with a “check in & check out” system:

  1. Buy your ticket (see below for options),

  2. Check in, by swiping your ticket at one of the check in/out terminals at the point of departure (Schiphol railway station, Figure 2),

  3. Travel,

  4. Check out again after arrival at Ede-Wageningen at the exit of the railway station (Swipe the check in/out terminal again, Figure 2).

There are four ways to buy a train ticket:

Buy a ticket to Ede-Wageningen from one of the ticket vending machines at the Schiphol train station (in between terminal 1-2 and terminal 4 above the platforms, Figure 1). Use it to check in and out as explained above.

Check-in using your bank card or credit card (swipe the check in/out terminal using your debit/credit card. Check-out on the platform after arriving at Ede-Wageningen. The appropriate amount will be deducted from your card.

Buy a train ticket from Schiphol airport to Ede-Wageningen using the NS App and use it to check in (Schiphol) and out (Ede-Wageningen). The NS App is freely available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The NS logo looks like this:


Buy a train ticket from the NS website:
Plan your journey and buy the ticket from the website. A ticket will be sent to your email address. Use it to check in (Schiphol) and out (Ede-Wageningen).

From Ede-Wageningen to the venue in Lunteren

On Monday 13 May 13 – from 15.30 until 19.30; there will be a shuttle bus from Ede-Wageningen railway station to the venue.

The minibus can be found outside Ede-Wageningen railway station at the pickup area and will shuttle continuously between the railway station and the venue. A round trip takes around 30-40 minutes. Exit Ede-Wageningen railway station on the south side (side of the bus station and taxi-stands). The minibus leaves from the pickup area next to the taxi stands, is white with purple logo of rental company “NOOT” (figure 3). It will also have the Euroblight logo and very likely a familiar driver (Iris, Monique or Geert). Let us know your most likely time of arrival for smooth operation through a Whatsapp message (e.g. from the train) to Geert +31 6 20 84 67 34.

On Thursday 16 May there will be a return shuttle service to the railway station from 9:00 – 14:30.

If you are arriving at Ede-Wageningen outside these “shuttle hours”, let us know, we will do our best to pick you up, but you may have to rely on taxi’s. De Werelt is a well-known destination.

Don’t forget to check out in the tunnel below the platforms before leaving the railway station.

By car, bike or on foot:

Simply set your navigation system to “de Werelt”, Westhofflaan 2, Lunteren, The Netherlands. Conference hotel de Werelt has its own, free of charge, car park.


The weather in May in the Netherlands is typically Dutch, mostly nice but it can also be all over the place: warm or cold, wet or dry. A warm sweater is nice for the evenings which we will mostly spend outside.

Kaartautomaat - Wikipedia

Check in Pole with Card Reader at Station Nieuwerkerk Aan Den IJssel  Editorial Stock Photo - Image of card, check: 124872403

Figure 1. NS ticket vending machines

Figure 2. NS check in – check out terminal

 Taxibedrijf komt afspraken niet na, wethouders overwegen juridische stappen  | Omroep DelftFigure 3. Shuttle bus from Ede-Wageningen railway station. Please check for the Euroblight logo, there are many similar minibuses around.

Transforming the Ede-Wageningen train station in Ede-Wageningen | Royal  HaskoningDHVFigure 4. Ede-Wageningen railway station has been renovated and now looks like this. The shuttle bus can be found at the pickup area near the clock tower on the right. Don’t forget to check out before leaving the railway station.