M4 - Fungicides and alternatives

Meeting 4

Date: 30 April 2021

Title: The EuroBlight fungicide table, and biological control agents, plant resistance inducers and growth stimulants

Responsible:  Bert Evenhuis, Ruairidh Bain, Alison Lees, Isaac K. Abuley, Hans Hausladen, Karen Sullam & Tomke Musa.

Discussion points:  Updates of the EuroBlight protocols and fungicide tables. BIO EuroBlight - status and perspectives. Input from AgChem companies and other businesses on new products (research part). How can we work together to build shared services re sustainable use of fungicides and biologicals?

Contact: Bert Evenhuis, Wageningen University and Research


Chairman/moderator: Bert Evenhuis / Alison Lees

13.00-13.10 Welcome (Bert and Isaac)

13.10-13-20 Generation of experimental potato clones carrying multiple R genes to provide resistance to late blight / Manuel Muñoz, INIA CRI Remehue, Chile.

13.20-13-30 Evaluation of the susceptibility of Solanum tuberosum Chilotatum landraces to late blight as part of an IPM strategy in Chiloé Island, Chile. Ivette Acuña, INIA, Chile.

13.30-13.40 Field and lab trial results with copper alternatives in Switzerland / Karen Sullam, Agroscope, Switzerland.

13.40-13.50 Efficacy of alternatives to fungicides in controlling late blight / Isaac K. Abuley, Aarhus University, Denmark.

13.50 -14.30 Discussion

14.30-14.45 Break

14.45-15.30 Update EuroBlight table and initiatives + discussion

Topics for the discussion

-      How to replace mancozeb in leaf and tuber blight experiments

-      Look back at the change of the EB protocol

-      Discuss the organic / bio PLB protocol

-      Contribution from the Fungicide subgroup to the EuroBlight statement 2021?

Minute from meeting

Report of the Control Strategies Subgroup online meeting on 30 April 2021