EuroBlight Plenum 11-12 May

11 May

Reporting from EuroBlight

Reporting from USABlight, Tizon Latino Blight and AsiaBlight

Chair: Jens G. Hansen. Moderator Alison Lees

Reporting from subgroup: European P. infestans monitoring initiative - Results from 2020 and campaign in 2021

Chair: David Cooke, JHI. Moderator: Geert Kessel, WUR

Reporting from subgroup: New control strategies in the context of the EU Green deal - Farm to Fork strategy

Chair: Geert Kessel, WUR. Moderator: David Cooke, JHI.

12 May

Reporting from subgroup: Alternaria subgroup meeting

Chair: Hans Hausladen, TUM. Moderator: Pieter Vanhaverbeke, PCA

Reporting from subgroup: Fungicides and biologicals

Chair: Bert Evenhuis, WUR. Moderator: Karen Sullam, Agroscope

EuroBlight statement and future prospects

Chair: Jens G. Hansen, AU. Moderator: Didier Andrivon, INRAE