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Green transition of agriculture

Climate changes and aquatic environment
Jørgen E. Olesen
Department of Agroecology
Mail: jeo@agro.au.dk  
Phone: 0045 40821659

Greenhouse gases from fields and livestock manure
Søren O. Petersen
Department of Agroecology
Mail: sop@agro.au.dk
Phone: 0045 28124304

Landscape and land use, agricultural policy
Tommy Dalgaard
Department of Agroecology
Mail: Tommy.dalgaard@agro.au.dk
Phone: 0045 20706132

Mapping of lowland soils and organic soils
Mogens H. Greve
Department of Agroecology
Mail: Mogensh.greve@agro.au.dk
Phone: 0045 20726734

Greenhouse gases from lowland soils and organic soils
Poul Erik Lærke
Department of Agroecology
Mail: Poule.laerke@agro.au.dk
Phone: 0045 22401844

Green transition via circular bioeconomy (protein from green biomass)
Uffe Jørgensen
Department of Agroecology
Mail: Uffe.jorgensen@agro.au.dk
Phone: 0045 21337831

Alternatives to pesticides in the green transition
Per Kudsk
Department of Agroecology
Mail: per.kudsk@agro.au.dk
Phone: 0045 87158096 / 0045 22283382

Robots and drones in the green transition
René Gislum
Department of Agroecology
Mail: rg@agro.au.dk 
Phone: 0045 20542092