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DCA annual report is now available in English

DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture’s annual report 2016 provides readers with an insight into the research efforts behind the research-based policy support.

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Each year, researchers within the areas of food and agriculture at Aarhus University carry out a series of commissions for the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. This is part of the agreement on the provision of research-based policy support. 

The DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture annual report 2016 will give you an insight into the assignments and activities accomplished within the food and agricultural areas at Aarhus University, and you can read about the research efforts on which the policy support is based.

The themes in the annual report cover a broad range of subjects ranging from circular bioeconomy and improved resource utilisation to the correlation between climate and agriculture, animal welfare and health, and consumer choices and preferences. The contents thus reflect the extent as well as the broad range of efforts related to research-based policy support.

- We hope that the annual report will generate an interest in, as well as an understanding of, research efforts and policy support. We also hope that readers will gain an insight into the research efforts and how these contribute to strengthening the basis for important societal decisions, says Director Niels Halberg, DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture.

You can download the annual report here   

For further information please contact:

Director of DCA, Niels Halberg

Email: niels.halberg@icrofs.org

Telephone: +45 8715 8037

Mobile: +45 2963 0093