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Professor from Aarhus University receives prestigious award

Professor Lis Wollesen de Jonge from the Department of Agroecology has received the prestigious SSSA award "Don and Betty Kirkham Soil Physics Award" for her great work in research within soil physics. The award is presented by The Soil Science Society of America.

Professor Lis Wollesen de Jonge is the recipient of the prestigious Don and Betty Kirkham Soil Physics Award for her unique contribution to research and teaching in earth physics. Photo: Lis Wollesen de Jonge

Each year the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) presents awards to researchers who have made extraordinary contributions to science through education and research of a high international standard. One of the most prestigious of these awards is "The Don and Betty Kirkham Soil Physics Award". The award is designed to recognize a soil scientist who has made a unique contribution to research and teaching in soil physics. The award was established in 1998 as a permanent tribute to Don Kirkham, considered the founder of modern soil physics, as well as his wife who inspired and supported him.

This year, the award and recognition was given to Professor Lis Wollesen de Jonge from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University, Denmark. The award consists of an engraved bronze medal, $ 2000 as well as a certificate. Professor de Jonge is the 24th recipient of the award and the third woman ever to receive the honor.

Great recognition

If you look up Lis Wollesen de Jonge's impressive CV, you can read that her research areas span a wide range of soil physics. She studies, among other things, basic soil physics, soil structure development, colloid-facilitated transport of pollutants, water repellency and the interaction with soil physics and the soil's microbiology. Her most recent focus has been on investigating the soil physical and chemical properties of Arctic soils, especially in southern Greenland. Her work is also based on close collaborations internationally as well as nationally. And it is precisely these areas of research and collaborations that have now secured her the prestigious award.

More than 300 publications

Throughout her research career, Lis Wollesen de Jonge has authored more than 300 publications, 180 of which have been published in international scientific journals. In addition, she has for many years been responsible for the PhD program in agroecology at Aarhus University. Personally, she has supervised about 30 graduate students and 35 PhD students.

In other words, it is not without reason that the professor has now received the great recognition in the form of the Don and Betty Kirkham award.

“It is a huge privilege to receive this award as an soil physicist, and it is an award I am very honored to receive, as it focuses on my research area, just as it also places great emphasis on education. Both are extremely important in my work as a researcher, professor and supervisor. I take great honor in sharing my knowledge of soil physics, and I see it as one of my most important tasks to mentor students and young researchers. I am especially proud as a woman to have received this award as I take pride in trying to be a good role model for young female researchers in soil physics. It's great to be able to show that it can be done. I am very happy and honored to have received this great award and recognition,” says Professor Lis Wollesen de Jonge. “At the same time, I feel incredibly humble when I look at the list of previous recipients. It is all people who at the highest level have been instrumental in further developing modern soil physics.”

Additional information

Read more about the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) and the Don and Betty Kirkham Prize here.

Contact: Professor Lis Wollesen de Jonge, Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University. Tel .: +45 24940550 or email: lis.w.de.jonge@agro.au.dk