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Senior Scientist Gabor Lövei enters the Academy of Europe

Senior scientist Gabor Lövei is elected as a new member of the Academy of Europe, Academia Europaea in the field of organismic and evolutionary biology.

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With a PhD dissertation on migratory birds from the University of Szeged, Hungary, Gabor Lövei began his academic career as a researcher in 1978 at the Plant Protection Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Since then, Gabor Lövei has been an associate professor at CNR Istituto di Genetica e Biofisica in Naples, Italy. But when he moved to New Zealand in 1989, he became a researcher at the New Zealand Pastoral Agriculture Research Institute, among others.

In 1998, a position as Senior Researcher at the Danish Agricultural Sciences in Slagelse followed, and at the merger with Aarhus University in 2007, Gabor Lövei became a part of one of the largest universities in Denmark. He is also Honorary Professor at Fujian University of Agriculture, China and St. Stephen University of Agriculture in Godollo, Hungary.

Now he can add membership of the Academia Europaea to his curriculum vitae. Academia Europaea is an academy for researchers from all over Europe. All members of the academy are specially selected as they are considered to be leading researchers in their field. At the Department of Agroecology, Senior Researcher Gabor Lövei conducts research in areas such as agroecology, ecosystems and environmental risk assessment.

There are three other Danish researchers are elected as AE members, all of them from Aarhus University, along with Gabor Lövei:

  • Peter Boenisch - (School of Communication and Culture - Dramaturgy)
  • Helle Vandkilde - (School of Culture and Society - Archaeology and Heritage Studies)
  • Simona Radutoiu - (Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Plant Molecular Biology)

There is a total of 71 Danish members of the Academy. Other members from Aarhus University include:

  • Jens Stougaard - (Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics – Plant Molecular Biology)
  • Roy Weber - (Department of Bioscience - Zoophysiology)
  • William McGregor - (School of Communication and Culture - Linguistics)
  • Mogens Nielsen - (Department of Computer Science)
  • Svend Erik Larsen - (School of Communication and Culture – Comparative Literature)
  • Søren Fauth - (School of Communication and Culture - Philosophy)
  • Jens C. Jantzen - (Department of Mathematics)
  • Torben M. Andersen - (Department of Economics and Business Economics)
  • Torben Clausen - (Department of Biomedicine)

For more information please contact

Senior Scientist Gabor Lövei, mail: gabor.lovei@agro.au.dk telephone: +45 8715 8224