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Organic pig and poultry systems

Industrialised pig and poultry production is facing a number of challenges in relation to use of antibiotics, animal health and animal welfare. Concurrently, consumer preferences are moving away from industrialized bulk production towards high quality production linked to 'the good story'. 

Organic pig and poultry production offers a unique solution to address this shift in consumer demand. The research area "Organic pig and poultry production" aims to support the expansion of organic pig and poultry production, especially integrated free-range systems characterised by low use of antibiotics, high standards for meat quality and animal welfare, as well as high resource efficiency and low environmental impacts.

We investigate the effects of management, genotype and the physical environment on foraging behavior, nutrient uptake from direct foraging in the range area, productivity, animal health, product quality, resource use and environmental impact. We primarily do so through surveys and comparative field studies in organic systems based on free-range pigs and poultry integrated in the cropping system, including mobile concepts and agroforestry systems.