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Seed science and technology

The focus of this research area is optimisation of yield and product quality in cereals, grasses, clover and vegetable seed crops based on research in crop nutrition and growth physiology processes under variable production and climate conditions. This is done by: 

  • Providing basic new knowledge about the importance of the connection between plant biology and growth conditions for yield and achieved quality in agricultural crops as well as grasses for bioenergy and recreational purposes
  • Providing new knowledge about the interaction between agricultural crops and microorganisms such as endophytic fungi in grasses and biological control of pests in clover
  • Developing new applications of multi-spectral imaging and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in quality assessment such as seed health, germination and purity in replacement of the traditional methods
  • Carrying out research activities that support the section’s contribution to the teaching of bachelor, master and PhD students at Aarhus University.

Research in this area contributes to policy support regarding seed production and seed technology as well as co-existence between GM, conventional and organic crops.  

The aim of this research area is to include players in the whole value chain from production to end user in the research in order to contribute to a sustainable agricultural production that fulfils society’s demands. The target group comprises related research environments, the agricultural sector, innovative businesses as well as the authorities and the public on the regional, national and international levels.