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"We’ve got fantastic agricultural soil in Denmark, and it would be a shame to plaster it all with solar cells. It’d be great if we could unite the two," says farmer Claus Hunsballe, who's joined an international research project to unite solar energy production and agriculture. Photo: Colourbox

2021.02.26 | Research

Why not combine agriculture and solar energy on the same field?

Using vertical solar-cell installations, researchers from Aarhus University will harvest both energy and crops from the same agricultural area. The plan is to produce energy when it is most needed, while at the same time leaving space for the farmer to work in the field.

Photo: Colourbox

2021.02.24 | News

Low-inflation pressure tyres can reduce soil stress

A low-inflation pressure tyre on the farmer’s tractor is more important than the construction of the tyre itself when it comes to reducing soil stress in cultivated fields. Researchers from Aarhus University, among others, have studied how tyres have developed over time and measured how much stress the soil is exposed to when the farmer chooses…

Photo: Colourbox

2021.02.24 | News

High-resolution field- and farm-scale data is needed for future implementation of e.g. afforestation as agri-environmental measure

According to researchers from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University and researchers from Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) implementation efficiency of some agri-environmental policy interventions, as the case here with afforestation shows, depends on the availability of high-resolution agricultural and landscape data.

Photo: Junxiang Peng

2021.02.19 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Smart farming on the rise – using drone and satellite data to manage fertilization and irrigation

During his PhD study, Junxiang Peng explored the potential of drone and satellite (Sentinel-2) multispectral and thermal data for estimating plant biomass, nitrogen deficiency and drought stress.


Tue 02 Mar
10:00-12:00 |
PhD defence: Topography and soil electrical conductivity: simple tools to assess heterogeneities in artificially drained soils
During her PhD studies, Maria Isabel Senal studied the magnitude and profiles of redox potential values (Eh) and the different forms of nitrogen, potential denitrification rates, and various physico-chemical soil properties of the different conceptualized redox environments in a tile-drained agricultural field.
Tue 16 Mar
12:45-12:00 | Online seminar
Trans-European online seminar on science-based policy advice in agriculture, food, climate and environment
European governments are facing critical decisions on agriculture, food, climate and environment. Science based policy advice is in high demand, but varies across Europe. The aim of the first trans-European seminar in this area is to facilitate exchange of experiences, challenges and best practices as to provide science-based policy advice.
Wed 14 Apr
12:30-16:30 |
Virtual Meeting: Resilient Northern Crops Network (NordCrop)
The network funded by NKJ will investigate how we can exploit new genomic and phenotyping technologies to identify more robust genotypes in key Nordic field crops (wheat, oat, potato and fodder grasses).
Mon 28 Jun
09:00-20:00 | Hotel Park, Viaduktvej 28, 5500 Middelfart, 200 m from the railway station.
Technologies for a Danish Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission Agriculture
Aarhus University iCLIMATE centre is organising a one-day national workshop on technologies to reduce green-house gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture.