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Charred malt from the Viking Age found at Hundborg in Denmark. Photo: Peter Steen Henriksen - National Museum of Denmark.

2021.07.26 | Agro

Plant genetics teaches us about spelt and old beer

A wheat mutant found by a stroke of luck and grain preserved since ancient times helps us learn about the past and provides opportunities to create new knowledge for the future.

Liming in Aaskov. Photo: Henning Carlo Thomsen.

2021.07.19 | Agro

Methods to reduce nitrous oxide emissions

Greenhouse gases from agriculture has to be reduced. This can be done in many ways, here researchers from the Department of Agroecology introduce two ways to reduce the emission of nitrous oxide from agricultural soil.

Honey bee in oregano. Photo: Claus Rasmussen

2021.07.13 | Agro

Insects, bees and plants interaction

Pollinators are needed, large parts of agriculture and world food production are heavily dependent on pollinating insects. Still, the number of wild pollinators is declining, but there is still something that can be done to stop the development. It requires new cultivation and beekeeping strategies, but it can be done.

Photo: Muhammad Javaid Akhter

2021.07.08 | Agro

Organic weed control and emergence of a new super weed

How does it affect the soil when the organic farmer control weeds mechanically? And when in the season is it best to start the fight against weeds? And is agricultural production threatened by a new super weed?


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International conference on Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission in High Productive Agriculture
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