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New section leader in the Department of Agroecology

Professor of Crop Science and Water Management Mathias Neumann Andersen is as of 1 March, 2020 new Head of Section for Climate and Water in the Department of Agroecology.

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Mathias Neumann Andersen began his career with a position as a research assistant at Statens Planteavlsforsøg’s research station in Jyndevad. It happened just after he completed his agronomic education at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College in 1984.

At that time, the research station in Jyndevad was the centre of Denmark's field irrigation research. Mathias Neumann Andersen was here until 1992, after which he moved to the research center in Foulum near Viborg. Here he has done extensive work - first as an associate professor and since August 2013 as professor of Crop Science and Water Management. Mathias is strongly committed to the Department's education of PhD students.

 “I am very excited about my new role as section leader for Climate and Water.  Along with the entire section, I look forward to promoting research and collaboration, not only with other sections of the department and at Aarhus University, but also nationally and internationally, ”says Section Leader Mathias Neumann Andersen.

“I look forward to continuing to work with Mathias N. Andersen. We have been working together since we were young in Statens Planteavlsforsøg, and it has always been a great pleasure. It will be exciting to have him join the management team, and I am sure that he will make a positive contribution to the future development of the Department of Agroecology, ”says Head of Department Jørgen E. Olesen.

Mathias Neumann Andersen will take up the position on 1 March, 2020.

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Mathias Neumann Andersen, Professor and Section Leader, Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University
Tlf.: +45 87157739