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Bachelor and master degree programmes

Staff in the Department of  Agroecology teach a wide range of subjects that are part of the master degree programmes Agrobiology and Agro-Environmental Management as well as many courses in the bachelor programme Agrobiology.

These programmes produce graduates who are prepared to influence the future in a world with a rapidly growing population. We must increase food production, reduce environmental impact, and use renewable bioenergy. We must ensure food security in industrial and developing countries in a manner that is economically and environmentally sustainable as well as in regard to the climate.

By following the degree programme you will experience the following: 

  • You will work with food, nature, new technologies, animals and people.
  • You will be given the tools to see the connection between animal and plant based food production and their interactions with nature and the environment.
  • You will gain competence to meet the challenges of a future in which we must ensure food for all. 

Read more about the degree programmes here:

Bachelor in Agrobiology

Master in Agrobiology

Master in Agro-Environmental Management

Erasmus Mundus International Master in Soils and Global Change (IMSOGLO)

You can also take a double master degree in Agrobiology - Organic Agriculture and Food Systems, in which you will spend some of your time at another European university. Read more about this possibility here (in Danish):

Master in Agrobiology - Organic Agriculture and Food Systems


Master Thesis Projects

In 2020/2021, we have the following topics in our Master Thesis Catalogue