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Our research area concerns arthropods, both as pests and as beneficial organisms. We study arthropod taxonomy, life history, genetics, ecology and evolution, with the particular aim to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly management methods in crops in the agricultural landscape, but our research also includes activities within veterinary and urban entomology. A special area is our research on honey bees. 

Our research includes the following: 

  • molecular tools for pest identification
  • systematics and evolution
  • pest population dynamics
  • plant-pest interactions
  • tritrophic interactions
  • preventive measures
  • chemical control
  • biological control with entomopathogens, predators and parasitoids
  • agroecological modelling; distribution of, mechanisms in and evolution of insecticide resistance disease vectoring by pests
  • quarantine and invasive organisms, and environmental risk assessment

We provide policy support to authorities on pest related aspects, e.g. pest risk assessment and pesticide efficacy evaluations.