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Soil Functions


Soil is the foundation for our society. It is a diverse, complex and life-giving ecosystem that is the groundwork of our existence. 

Soil is directly or indirectly the basis for the major past of our food supply by far and sustainable use of the soil resource is fundamental to our future food production.

Soil provides a range of ecosystem services that society is totally dependent on. Apart from producing our food, biofuel and biomaterials, soil also acts as a filter that protects our water resources from nutrients and foreign substances, and acts as a pool for extraction of antibiotics.

In a time with extreme population growth and dwindling resources it is important to achieve a deeper understanding of the soil and its functions. This is a focus area of Soil Functions. The flagship covers an area that ranges from basic research to applied research. Besides focusing on the soil and its functions, threats to the soil resource, such as pollution, decreasing organic material content, erosion, and compaction, are high up on the agenda. We also work with innovative sensors for characterisation and mapping of the soil resource as well as innovative methods for optimising the soil as a natural water treatment plant.