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Unveiling greenhouse gas emissions from intermediate wheat-grass cultivation - Insights from Danish conditions

Main subject area: Greenhouse gas emissions; intermediate wheatgrass; deep roots

Short project description

Intermediate wheatgrass (IWG; Thynopyrum intermedium) is an emerging perennial wild type that yields grain for human consumption over the years. This deep-rooting crop is known to provide a wide range of agroecosystem services such as soil erosion, reduced fertilizer input, and nitrate leaching under Danish conditions. However, there has been no report on IWG’s greenhouse gas emissions under Danish conditions yet. This master project aims to quantify nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions from IWG as compared to annual winter wheat.

Department and supervisor

Christian Dold

Tenure Track adjunkt

Eusun Han

Tenure Track adjunkt

Project start


Physical location of project and students work

Blichers Alle 20, Tjele, 8830-DK

Extent and type of project

30 ECTS: Theoretical thesis based on literature studies and/or analysis of issued and edited data sets.

45 ECTS: Experimental theses in which the student is responsible for collection and analysis of his/her own original data.

Additional information

This master project should generate the first datasets of greenhouse gas emissions in perennial wheat. Supervision will be conducted by Christian Dold and Eusun Han concerning greenhouse gas measurements and IWG production, respectively. The student will also work together with different researchers and technical staff. Greenhouse gas emissions will be measured with a novel laser-based analyzer.

Relevant articles

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